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Maybe you need an editor to help you finish your manuscript. Or maybe you’re done and you just need a review and a polish. Either way, you need an editor…

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Reading, Writing and Sharing the Love what are you up to?

When I first started writing, and sharing about my self-publishing journey, I had no idea what I would end up discovering! Join in the adventure. There’s enough awesome to go round for everybody.

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Book Marketing doesn't have to feel dirty no ick-factor, I promise!

With a dash of strategery, you can lose that woe-is-me feeling and get that “Whoa! That’s me!” feeling! Check out my ebook on book marketing and step onto the indie author band wagon!

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We’ve been designing mugs and other products to make the writers and readers in your midst smile! Check out our online shop and find something to make your mugs happy.

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My Growing List of Awesome Resources for Aspiring Authors don't miss this!

This is the ultimate collection of resources I have used and loved over the past few years.

Find out how I make residual income online 7-step system reveals all

As an authorpreneur, I do what I can to diversify my earnings portfolio. I am learning affiliate marketing in the process, and have discovered that I can earn income beyond book sales, promoting products that I believe in and have worked for me.

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