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Cynthia T. Luna, Living in Cyn, Writer, AuthorAs a writer, communicator, older-sister, friend and soon-to-be author, my greatest wish is for you to know that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed. You deserve it.

You were not put on this earth to just pay the bills and die.

You can be, do or have ANYthing, no matter what.

All of us are born with a wealth of creative genius. With passions we want to pursue. We have a rich inner life that we want to express outwardly.

But our greatest challenge to expressing that creativity comes in the form of inner and outer critics. We are made to feel like we have to follow a linear path. And we put off pursuing what truly makes us happy. Until one day we wake up and realize we’ve been living for others and not ourselves.

One day, I woke up. And I knew I had to make a change… which I did! Lots of them in fact. 🙂

And I can tell you: it’s worth it.

I did what you were “supposed to do” after graduating from college. But happiness felt like an elusive end goal.

I was in a marriage (I married young), and I struggled to cope with my “competing commitments”.

I was in a job that I loved in advocacy communications. We were “fighting the good fight,” we always said. But still I wondered why we were all so miserable. We were leading lousy personal lives, feeling unfulfilled outside of the office and even, on some level, not adequate enough in the office. There were things I wanted to do. Places I wanted to see! Foods I wanted to eat. Stories I wanted to tell! But I wasn’t doing any of those things.

It wasn’t really healthy for me and my growth.

I wanted to be happy.

But I kept putting happiness off until after a deadline. After a project. After helping my then-husband with something. After, after, after.

And then it dawned on me. Living isn’t about fighting. And living isn’t about post-poning. At least not for me, it isn’t.

And I suspect you’ve realized that too.

Living is about Living!

All my life I wanted to express myself creatively. But I listened to my inner critic and “outer critics” who told me that no one can “make a living” as an artist/writer/creator.

So, I put aside my creative desires for more lucrative endeavors. But “making a living” for the sake of paying rent didn’t even come close to the life I had dreamed for myself — one of travel, writing, creativity, freedom and happiness.

And no matter how much money I was making, I felt unhappy — like something was still missing.

Create who you are and Claim your happiness Now!

Today, the big mystery I’m solving is that Happy is only now. There is no future happy if you are putting your happiness off till later.

“Purpose” isn’t sitting there waiting for us to discover it. You and I are creating our “purpose” based on doing what makes us happy in real time.

I believe it is time we remember that our creativity is the manifestation of our life’s purpose!

No more excuses. No more listening to my inner critic. Just listening to what we know in our hearts that makes us feel the most free.

For me, it was writing: stories, fiction or non-fiction.

It always has been.

I have strategized communications campaigns for newly exonerated/wrongfully convicted death row inmates, community access media centers, international humanitarian organizations, fair handling of small business concerns in local communities — all the while holding different professional hats.

With each experience, I am learning that it’s about being happy. Living my life to its fullest, without struggle, living in my truth… Living in Cyn.

Which is why I decided to write and finish my first novel in 2015… in just a half hour every day!

When I figured this out, things on my creative side clicked!

After years of energetic (but incomplete) starts on my novel, I finally understood how I needed to move from start through finish on my novel — and the book practically wrote itself.

My debut novel, “Deadly Spin” is a New Adult, Chick Lit, story about a PR flack who is struggling with her conflicting desires/priorities — Sound familiar? 🙂 (I am in the process of editing it as I write this blog.)

I want to inspire you to live in You.

To honor your creative genius, your passions, and your purpose. It’s never too late to live a life that truly makes you happy!

I invite you behind the scenes of my journey.

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This chapter of my story is just beginning… and I’d love to share it with you!

Cynthia T. Luna, Living in Cyn, Deadly Spin