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Awesome Resources for Aspiring Authors

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I have tapped into the wisdom of the following resources through my own writing and book marketing journeys. Some of the below links will take you to the individuals’ websites, while others will take you to an Amazon search page including a compilation of the links mentioned. (Please know, I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you click on the link sending you to Amazon and purchase something from the site, I will earn a small commission from your purchase. (You can read more about affiliate links directly from my website by clicking this link.))


I do all my fiction and nonfiction writing in Scrivener. You can get Scrivener from Literature and Latte on their website here. Personally, I feel that the price tag (USD $45) pays for itself. You download the software to your MAC or PC and that’s it. For those iPhone and iPad writers out there, it seems Scrivener finally came out out with an iOS version for USD $19.99. (I haven’t used this though, so I can’t speak to its usefulness for your writing on the go.)

There is a learning curve for Scrivener, though. When I first started using Scrivener, I couldn’t help but to think I was only scratching the surface of all its bells and whistles. How right I was.

Learn Scrivener Fast

Joseph Michael designed an online course that has several modules (depending on how deeply you want to engross yourself in Scrivener) with a TON of videos. Take the “Student” level, for example. It gives you access to the critical basics with 32 videos–none of which are much longer than 5 or 10 minutes. That’s what makes it so valuable. After watching three videos, you’re well on your way to feeling like you’re getting value out of the course and Scrivener. You can learn more about Learn Scrivener Fast here, get all your bonuses, and if you still have questions about the program, you can always ask me. I am a verrrrry satisfied customer who bought in at the Ninja level a couple years ago. (Though I am no expert, I finally feel comfortable in Scrivener.)

Smaller Investments in Your Writerly Self… Books

Tim Grahl has created marketing campaigns for bestselling authors for a while now. He also offers his wisdom through several books that he offers through his website. Some are free in exchange for your email address, others can be purchased. Either way, the information he shares is so valuable—especially once you are ready to launch. Check him out at

Libbie Hawker with her nonfiction book, Take Off Your Pants (US | UK), is a lifesaver for a pantser like me. If you’re a pantser and you struggle with outlining your stories before you sit down to write, run-don’t-walk to get your hands on this book. I have read it several times and I’m still learning!

Joanna Penn writes nonfiction under that name, and thriller fiction as J. F. Penn. She shares so much information about being an “author-preneur” on her website:, including providing marketing ideas and sales tactics for authors who self-publish their books. I have learned so much from her about the exciting world of self-publishing.

Monica Leonelle is relatively new on the scene, but she is breaking through in a big way with her “The Writing Productivity Bundle: Write Better, Faster, The 8-Minute Writing Habit, and Dictate Your Book (Growth Hacking For Storytellers)” series of books for writers serious about churning out fiction and nonfiction fast. Visit to learn more.

With her book, “Write Better, Faster,” Monica has also inspired me to produce my writing content more efficiently with a writer’s track sheet. (You can access the spreadsheet I designed for myself by signing up to join my writers’ email list here: Also—run, don’t walk to get Monica’s book if you’re serious about writing faster. I noticed positive results in the first week of implementing her ideas.

On the subject of speed writing, if this is an area you would like to improve in. Make sure you also check out:

Rachel Aaron’s “2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love” or visit her on her website: You’ll not only get tips on writing faster, but also on developing your outline and editing. (I could stand to read this book again.)

Frances Caballo has a series of books on Amazon geared towards writers who have plans to market their own books using social media. Through her website ( you can grab hold of some useful tips and tricks for marketing your work exclusively through social media. You can download a free copy of “Twitter Just For Writers” in exchange for opting into her author platform. (I did, and only scratched the surface of the ideas she proposes.) You can also find out more about her here:

Nick Stephenson is probably responsible for the term, Reader Magnet, and you can find out why by reading his book on the subject. His unique system for grabbing and keeping the attention of his readers is the reason for his success and the success of hundreds of indie authors. His courses (though pricey) are the reason why many people could flip the switch and become full-time authors!

Sacha Black is, at the time of my writing this, an aspiring author with two works of fiction and one nonfiction book in the pipeline. She regularly posts writing tips and insights from her research on her blog,, to an active and engaged readership. Her blog is a great example of how an aspiring author can build an author platform, even before having a book on the sales shelves!

Mindset Preparedness

What I learned in 2016 was the hardest part of being an aspiring author is leveling up your mindset to prepare yourself for being a published author. Trust me, even writing this now, I’m astounded about how little I expected having a book listed on Amazon affected me. My inner critic has been having a field day with me, which has led me to the following books that have helped me. (Be warned, some of the below material is very “woo-woo California” but it has helped me get realigned with better understanding why I write anything!)

First, allow me to direct your attention to Esther Hicks. She’s been channeling Abraham for decades and together with her (now late) husband, Jerry, they have put out a treasure trove of books and other information on the Law of Attraction. The one I carry with me through the Kindle App on my iPhone is:

While I’m at it, check out Maria McMahon‘s Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets (UK). She just released her book and she is contributing to the conversation in a big way!

I also refer to Eckhart Tolle‘s Power of Now (UK) and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (UK) pretty consistently. Especially when ego rears its busy little head!

Also, a good friend of mine released her book The Four Channels: A Business Woman’s Guide to Cracking Confidence (UK), which is a wonderful resource and guide for tapping into your inner strength. Please check out Margo McClimans‘s book, especially if you have moments when you struggle with your confidence.