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Declutter Challenge, Looking Back (#Declutter2015 Challenge: Day 9)

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by Cynthia T. Luna in Designing Your Life

So, I’m going to tap into my inner-Jerry Springer and wax a little philosophical today with, “Declutter Challenge, Looking Back: Reflections on the Point of It All, If There’s Any.”

But before I do–I thought I’d briefly let you know what I did on Day 9. I wimped out and started to declutter the desktop on my laptop. You know, all those icons of screenshots and documents that populate your main screen? I started decluttering those. Why only started? Even though I managed to declutter 27 items from the desktop, I seemed only to have scratched the surface.

Why wimped out? Because I’m still dealing with the flu, it’s o’dark early again and a sedentary declutter seemed in order. While it does look improved, it also evinces that there’s more to go in that department (there’s at least 27 more items), which is not exactly the … result I was looking for. Moving on…

The Declutter Challenge, Looking Back

Day 9: Declutter#2015 Challenge

Every year, while the bells are jingling and tiny LED lights are twinkling, I’ll think about clean sweep–out with the old and in with the new!–as I rummage through a dusty box with ornaments and ribbons and wrapping paper in our basement storage area. Then, I’ll quickly sweep the thought of a big purge under the rug. (“That’s what Spring cleaning’s for! Do it later!”)

On one of the declutter days, I came across a little postcard that I designed when I was running, managing and promoting a restaurant with my sweetheart. It was folded and tucked into one of the purses that I gave away during Day 2 of this declutter challenge. I held it in my hand, and was unable to simply toss it.

Why? Because that postcard held memories! But it’s not the postcard. It’s me. My mind holds and keeps the thoughts. So, if my mind is clutching a memory, where’s the space for the new? Will I even realize it when opportunity comes a-knocking if I’m holding on to the old? Can my hands sculpt a new creation while they’re clutching an old anything?

No good reason not to do the Declutter Challenge

This time, when I read about the nine-day/27-item Declutter Challenge, it just seemed so manageable, there wasn’t really a good reason not to do it. Add to that, how really motivated I am to move forward with my novel, a nonfiction book I’m editing, and all sorts of other new things I want to do and learn this year. Who can (realistically) get anything done with extra baggage?

So, whatever time of year it is, the right time to declutter and make way for the life you wish to design for yourself is now. If you need to hold yourself accountable by making it public, drop me a line here, or on Twitter (@cynthiatluna), or Instagram (@livingincyn), or wherever with #Declutter2016! You can do it!!

Download my free WRITERS' TRACK SHEET

What gets measured gets managed. Amp up your writing speed today!

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