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Little Box of Secrets? Or Clutter? (#Declutter2015 Challenge: Day 7)

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by Cynthia T. Luna in Designing Your Life

Day 7 of the Declutter Challenge. It’s funny, because yesterday, I was all gung-ho, and today I was met with a lot of inner resistance. It was like a little voice inside of me was like, “Yeah, I’ve been noticing your getting all giddy about throwing perfectly good memories away, and I don’t like it one bit!” So irrational, but true!

Day 7 #Declutter2015: Japanese boxI went straight to this recycling area in the kitchen where my husband and I gather glass and plastic bottles, and I was going to start counting them (cheating, I know!) just to diminish my 27-item count. Well, my inner voice’s plan was totally foiled, because my husband took those items with him on his walk to work this morning. So, no decluttering there. (Did I mention he’s much better at this than I am?)

Declutter Challenge Inspires Haiku

When I went to our bedroom, I noticed a small Japanese box. It nestles and stacks, and I idly wondered what was in there.

Day 7 #Declutter2015: Japanese boxLo and behold! A veritable wad of receipts among other stupid sh*t (there’s really no better word for it) that I had been MOVING around the world for years!

In fact, that little box has served as little more than a clutter collector. It had a plethora of expired debit cards (really? more?), paper clips (kept those!), a couple of library cards from cities in the U.S. where I don’t live and that are even thousands of miles apart from each other, and some frequent flyer cards under my old married name. Who knows if those are even valid? I haven’t flown with those airlines in years.

Small Japanese box
Hides clutter from me so long.
Old receipts, no secrets.

This little exercise did turn up enough clutter to account for just over 20 items for today’s challenge. Still, I needed seven more items. Seeing all those wallet cards had me thinking about my own portemonnaie.

Day 7 #Declutter2015: Japanese box… And a return to my purse!

Remember my purse purge from just a couple days ago? Well, I actually neglected to declutter my wallet. So, while my purse has been decluttered, my wallet was “bustin’ a gut” with receipts and who knows what else? (Well, I know what not else–which is another reason for this challenge.) So, I upped my tally with a little declutter there too. Et voilà!

Day 7 #Declutter2015: Littel Japanese Box ClutterJoin the Declutter Challenge! Just use #Declutter2016 when you Tweet. Or Instagram proof of your 27 items.

If you come across this blog post in 2016 or later, go ahead and use the new #Declutter2016 hashtag. My blogposts still have the 2015 hashtag, because I started in 2015, I’m decluttering 2015 junk for the most part anyway. 🙂

Good on you for decluttering! Send in your evidence of a decluttered day! Go ahead and post a link to your blog (with picture) to comments below!

Download my free WRITERS' TRACK SHEET

What gets measured gets managed. Amp up your writing speed today!

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