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Responding to your source of inspiration

Motivation versus Inspiration

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by Cynthia T. Luna in Designing Your Life
motivation versus inspiration

Looking back on the last year, I was able to put my finger on a theme: motivation versus inspiration. Somewhere along the way, I managed to make the shift between acting from a place of motivation and responding to the impulse for inspired action. The impact on my life and my energy has been huge. Maybe you will find it helpful to see how I noticed the difference between the two. This way you might be able to make the eventual shift.

Motivation versus inspiration and its impact on the big goals

For a long time, one of my big goals has been to earn six figures a year as a writer. This big goal motivated me to launch Living in Cyn in earnest and to begin to tell my story embarking on this journey.

Looking back, one of my biggest challenges in setting out on that journey was that I would continuously get in my own way. Many of the decisions I made were based on motivation — activities that were more push or pull in nature.

Have you ever had something you really wanted for a long time? You would do something, go somewhere, ask someone, only to turn up empty handed? And, then, just as you finally put your hands in the air and exclaimed, “Okay, I give up!” you ended up getting that phone call, receiving that offer, winning the lottery — or whatever?

To us busy-bodies, the magic of allowing often looks like it is preceded by a moment’s resignation. But inspiration is less about being busy, and more about being fully aware of the moment. It’s about knowing when the iron is hot, and then knowing that “now” is the right time to strike it. Now I see how I was striking the iron all the time, hoping that one of those times would result in some sort of change or response. (That second version sounds really tiresome.)

As it turned out, when I finally let go — stopped “striking” my blog and my activities around “wanting to be a writer” — the offer to be a full time writer for a professional services presented itself to me. My first year on the job has been fun, easy and joyful, too!

The impact of motivation versus inspiration on the little big goals

This leads to my little goal for last year, which I will continue to carry into 2019. That has been to carve 15 – 60 minutes of mindfulness out of my day to focus back on the moment.

This practice has had a HUGE impact in helping me achieve all my goals — big and small. It has also helped me:

  • Find balance within myself, so I don’t get caught up in “motivation”
  • Tap into immense reservoirs of energy that come with responding to the impulse of inspiration, and
  • Appreciate and enjoy all my personal and professional relationships, especially the ones that challenge me to be the best person even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

The best thing about the little goals is that they’re easy. They’re little. But the impact is huge, resulting in an overall increased sense of satisfaction and happiness in my life.

Download my free WRITERS' TRACK SHEET

What gets measured gets managed. Amp up your writing speed today!

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