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Your Top 5 Writing Challenges & Frustrations

Initial Survey Results

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by Cynthia T. Luna in Blog, Creative writing

Initial survey results are in! A few dozen of you took the time to respond to 10 questions I had for aspiring authors. From your top writing challenges to your greatest frustrations about creative writing, you bared all and shared all! (I exaggerate a little…) Read on to learn more.

But first, the survey…

Some of you have been following my blog since its first days. Over the years, I have learned a lot of things about writing — and a great many more things about myself (i.e., who I am, what makes me tick, and what doesn’t).

So, I was curious to learn whether the challenges and frustrations I experienced as a writer were my own — or whether others leading the creative writing life shared them as well.

If you’re curious to take the survey before seeing the results, click here now.

… and now, the initial results!

I planned to wait until I had 100 responses before sharing the results. But what I lack in patience, I make up for in creativity. So, I designed an infographic of initial results (based on the responses from 37 respondents).

Aspiring Authors' Top 5 Writing Challenges
dated: January 2020.
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Survey says…

Get real-time survey results here, if you’re a stickler for figures. And feel free to take the survey if you want to help grow the sample size!

… Time is the Number 1 writing challenge among creative writers.

  1. Time — or lack of it — earned the top spot as a major challenge that aspiring authors and creative writers struggle with. When considered together with “overwhelm” (selected by 13%), it’s apparent that writers struggle most with juggling the little time they have to devote to their creative endeavors.
  2. Research, or “getting lost in the details” placed second among writers’ top challenges. This is another challenge shared by over a quarter (29%) of all creative writers.
  3. No, or low, confidence ranked third among the top challenges faced by aspiring authors. More than one in five (21%) writers battle a powerful self-critic. (I know I have! You can read my blog post about it here…)
  4. Difficulties planning and outlining, muddling through the murky middle, and just “getting started” upon sitting down to write were each selected by an equal number (21%) of survey respondents. (Planning and plotting isn’t easy, but it’s so important to help you maximize your limited creative writing time!)
  5. Payoff or return on investment (ROI) is one of the greatest frustrations among creative writers also ties at third place. Twenty-one percent of respondents feel that the low ROI for the effort writing takes puts it on equal footing with outlining and plotting woes.

What about your writing challenges?

It’s not too late to have your perspective reflected in the survey results! Let me know what your challenges and frustrations as a creative writer are. If you have friends in the creative writing space, share the survey with them — I would be elated to see if there are any shifts in the data!

Download my free WRITERS' TRACK SHEET

What gets measured gets managed. Amp up your writing speed today!

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