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#TWHST: Don’t Worry, My Love… (The English Spy, by Daniel Silva)

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by Cynthia T. Luna in Blog, Books I Read, Creative writing

This week’s #TWHST features a quote from The English Spy, written by the international bestselling author, Daniel Silva. Even though I have been working on business non-fiction for the past few months, I am slowly turning my attentions back to my fiction, the rough draft of which has an espionage element in it.

As you might have guessed, I know absolutely nothing about spying. I had intended my debut novel to be more of a chick lit rom com (commercial women’s literature, romantic comedy) featuring a cutesy Bridget Jones or a Becky Bloomwood (characters of Helen Fielding and Sophie Kinsella, respectively), but somewhere along the way, another story swooped in and took over and–well, it involves spies, secrecy and murder. Intrigue that I hadn’t at all planned on writing into my book!

The resulting first draft of my story has me turning to research, which means, I get to read! That explains the #TWHST quote from a few weeks’ back. But that was then. Let’s get back to this week’s quote, shall we?

Is the English Spy an English Assassin?

#TWHST: The English Spy Don't Worry My LoveThe book opens up with a mysterious character in the Caribbean. No one on the island knows who he is, except that he goes by the peculiar name “Colin Hernandez” and says he comes from Venezuela. Given that the book’s title is “The English Spy” and the first character we meet is called “Colin” the question that first sprang to my mind was whether this Colin fellow, is the title character.

Until, this line.

This quote happens quite early in the novel (by page 19 in the paperback, so whatever I tell you here will serve rather as a teaser than a spoiler) and happens just moments after Colin wakes up from a post coital doze next to Amelia List, and just moments before he wrenches her neck.

And, thus, we learn that Colin Hernandez is a man, unstoppable in his mission–and quite possibly not the English spy, but rather an English assassin.

So, who is the English spy?

That I will tell you in next week’s “That’s What He Said Thursday”, by which time I will have hopefully finished the book, and gotten a clue about how I will handle an espionage theme in my chicklit fiction!

What’s your “That’s What He Said” Thursday quote?

There’s a meme going around on Thursdays, called “That’s What He Said Thursdays” or #TWHST. I found out about it more than a month ago and participated nearly right away. (Check out my other entries.) What I love about it, is that it makes reading, and sharing what you’re reading, social!


The rules of participation are simple: Pick “a favorite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. Keep in mind these are direct quotes from dialogue in a book.” Chapter Break — the masterminds behind this fabulous idea — has a whole list of quotes that date back to 2013! Bloggers Commenting Back

You can add add your favorite line in the comments below this post–or add a link to your own blog post in the comment below.

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What gets measured gets managed. Amp up your writing speed today!

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